Giveaway: Caitlin Wilson Textiles

October 14, 2014

We’re pulling our house together little by little, and I’m enjoying taking my time with special pieces and creating a collected space. I was super excited when I got the chance to pick out a couple of Caitlin Wilson pieces to finish up our guest bedroom and pull everything together! And to have the lovely Katie Oblinger come shoot it for me. (Psst – Here’s where we started: before, progressmore progress, and the finished room.)

The Curtis Casa Caitlin Wilson Textiles Katie Oblinger Photography 12

Caitlin Wilson pillows and fabrics are super bright and happy! I think they’re a great accent to pull together colors and patterns in any room.

The Curtis Casa Caitlin Wilson Textiles Katie Oblinger Photography 2

I loved the look of the British Bouquet Pillow with the blue and grey bedding, I liked the triangle pattern on the Tribeca Fabric for the fireplace cushion paired with the shiny Gold Lotus Pillow. I also paired these two modern looks with the traditional look of the old doily pillow. It that belonged to my Grandmother, I think it looks good just about everywhere!

The Curtis Casa Caitlin Wilson Textiles Katie Oblinger Photography 7 The Curtis Casa Caitlin Wilson Textiles Katie Oblinger Photography 8

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Guest Bedroom Reveal

I’m so excited to have our guest room finally feeling finished! I have no idea why I started with this room, we barely use it! Except when my family comes to visit, which is kind of often. You’re welcome, Mom! :) It makes me happy to walk down the hall to peek in and see all the color and pattern. The light in this room is so gorgeous, too. Mmm! In love!

The Curtis Casa Guest Bedroom Katie Oblinger Photography 8

First of all, we had to get rid of the awful red and blue stripes we started with: here’s the beforeprogress, and more progress. It was fun to see the room develop over time. I knew I wanted to try mixing a couple patterns (the floral and stripe came together really nicely) and I knew I wanted to add a surprising color to lengthen the bedskirt. That part turned out even better than I envisioned! (We had to put the bed frame on risers to get it to attach to the headboard.)

The Curtis Casa Guest Bedroom Katie Oblinger Photography 1

The dresser was our dresser in our room at the old house. There’s a lot of wood tones going on in here, and Birch blends right in!

The Curtis Casa Guest Bedroom Katie Oblinger Photography 3

The inspiration behind finishing this room was a really fun partnership with Caitlin Wilson Textiles. This was such a fun excuse to pick out one of Caitlin’s fun patterns. Plus, I just love their team! We have a really exciting giveaway coming up later today!

The Curtis Casa Guest Bedroom Katie Oblinger Photography 2

It was really fun to have Katie, of Katie Oblinger Photography, come shoot the room for me. She is the sweetest! We were just chatting away while she click, click, clicked away on her camera. If you’re looking for a photographer in Atlanta, Katie is your girl!

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October 8, 2014

Hi friends! Popping in to say hi this morning. We’ve been busy the past few weeks! I was getting back in the blogging grove and then.. Bam. I’m gone again! I’m working on it. :) Around the house, I’m putting a few finishing touches on the guest bedroom with a couple of lovelies from Caitlin Wilson (reveal & an exiting giveaway coming next week!), we finally found a chandelier for the living room, and shopping for chairs for the kitchen table. I’ll be back with more soon. Promise! :)

lately 2

I am loving these bright colors in the white & gray guest bedroom. The fuchsia below is pretty bright for me, but I’m into it!

lately 3 lately 4

Garden Inspiration, Vol. 21

September 10, 2014

Happy Monday, friends! Gosh, it’s already starting to feel like fall here in Georgia. We visited Allen’s family in Misssissippi over the weekend and there was definitely an early fall chill in the air there too. It’s so nice! With the cool weather coming, I’m hoping to get some of my plant babies transplanted soon. I can’t believe I’ve had my prized family heirloom plants in containers for almost a year. Our blank slate garden is going to be gorgeous eventually. I’m getting some much needed inspirations from these cool, fall palettes.

garden inspiration 1 garden inspiration 2 garden inspiration 3


DIY Closet Progress

We tackled a big closet project last month and we’re so close to being done! I was super inspired by Kelly’s girly glam closet makeover, so I sent the link to my husband and father-in-law so they could get excited about it. :) Here’s what we did to make over our roomy, reach-in closets.


Our “before” closets weren’t terrible, Allen’s was basically two rods and a couple of wood shelves. Mine was actually all wire shelves and no rods, which was bad because I had to hang hangers in the wire and couldn’t slide anything around, you know?

closet before

With Kelly’s awesome closet inspiration, I drew up an idea of what I wanted in my reach-in closet. An area with shelves and drawers in the middle, rods on each side and lots of spaces for shoes. My awesome father-in-law took on this project and helped us with everything while Allen and I were at work. :)

diy closet sketch

We started with an unfinished, oak base cabinet from Home Depot to build the whole thing off of. My father-in-law, Charles, is a construction guy, so he had all the measurements and pieces figured out to have shelves above the base cabinet, rods on either side, and shoe shelves on the bottom right side.

diy closet 1

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Thinking About Built-Ins

For our family room, we’re thinking we’ll cozy the room up with some built-ins on the back wall. It’s the left wall in the photo below. It needs some cozy-ing since it looks empty, huh! Yes, I am showing you a photo of the empty room before we moved in because I hate the way this room looks right now. :)

empty family room

Big chunky shelves built around the window on the back wall of the room will feel really lived in and homey, I hope. I’m imagining walking into the room… a plush rug, a comfy couch and a backdrop of pretty books and special trinkets, layered with art and lamps. I like it. Here’s some of the inspiration I can’t get out of my head. Plus, this is a long term plan for the room, we’ve gotta settle on furniture first!

built ins for family room 1


built ins for family room 3

Martha Stewart Living

built ins for family room 4

Little Green Notebook