One Month with Lucy

July 6, 2015

I can hardly believe it’s been exactly one month since we welcomed Lucy Eleanor into our family. Lucy is a laid back little baby with a sweet disposition and the cutest little grunts and squeaks and cries. I can hardly remember life before Lucy, and that’s not just because I’m sleep deprived!

Lucy Curtis, 1 month

The first month has been both terrifying and delightful, learning how to care for a newborn baby. I’m so thankful we’re beginning to find our groove and I’m gaining more confidence. The first two weeks is a sleepy blur in my memory, a 2-hour cycle of diaper change, nursing, diaper change again, pumping. I cried almost constantly for the first few weeks, sometimes with reason and sometimes without. It’s a life-altering experience to have your heart so completely opened and raw. Every move is measured and every emotion is heightened. The rawness fades, but the love that is left in its place is immeasurable. It’s the hardest thing we’ve ever done, but I long for the rawness and closeness that having a baby created between Allen and I.

Lucy Curtis, 1 month

At one month, Lucy is sleeping for 3-hour naps, making lots of grunting noises, moving her arms and legs with more control, making faces, raising her eyebrows, and generally being adorable. My confidence in caring for our daughter is growing, holding her, comforting her, nursing her, and even accomplishing household tasks one-handed. Lucy and I are learning to communicate and understand each others’ cues. It’s just the best. And Allen is a great Papabear, always involved and always comforting both me and Lucy I couldn’t be more grateful. We love you, Lucy!

Lucy Curtis, 1 month

Hand lettering by Jenn Gietzen, Write On! Design



Three Weeks with Lucy

June 25, 2015

Our baby girl, Lucy, has been with us for almost three weeks! We still can’t believe she came so early but we’re oh so glad she’s here. We are happy, healthy and just a little bit sleep deprived. The first three weeks have been hard and awesome. Lucy is a being so gracious with us!


Breastfeeding: It’s going well! The first week was hard, the second week was better. Right at two weeks we rounded a corner! She latches well and eats for almost 20 minutes. Lucy was 5 lbs. 11 oz. at birth, she dropped down to 5 lbs. 6 oz. and slowly gained back an ounce per day the first week. At 19 days old, she’s up to 6 lbs. and 7 oz. Yay!

Napping: Lucygirl is napping well during the day. She’s great at cueing when she’s hungry, she makes lots of grunty noises instead of outright crying, which we’re thankful for.

Sleeping: She’s sleeping as well as a little baby can! We’re feeding about every 3 hours. She wakes us up with some grunts and soft cries. Though she’s given us two glorious 4-hour stretches, so we’re headed in the right direction!

Fussy Time: That thing about babies having a “fussy time” sometime during the day is true for Lucy. Some days around dinner time, she gets a little agitated and either wants to nurse constantly for a few hours or she makes lots of grunty noises. But it doesn’t happen every night, lucky for us!