Spring Lettuce Garden

May 18, 2015

We finally have our first little spring garden! Earlier this spring, my mom & sister planted a fun little assortment for us – lettuces, onions and swiss chard – in our first little backyard garden. We got lucky and had a great month of consistent rain and slow-rising temps, which apparently is the perfect condition to grow perfect lettuce!

spring lettuce garden 1

We planted in February and harvested lettuce in early May and swiss chard in mid-May. It’s all delicious!

spring lettuce garden 2

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Custom Built In Closet

March 24, 2015

Custom built in closet 1

After taking my sweet time to put the finishing touches on the custom closet my father-in-law built for me, it’s finally done! I really love how it turned out. It’s plenty of room and it’s so organized.

Custom built in closet 2

I wanted to be able to see my necklaces and such, so the middle area became a vanity of sorts. I had to have lots of hooks… The earring frame and the bars on the sides are DIY and the 3 hooks in the back are from World Market.

Custom built in closet 3

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Kitchen Island Inspiration

February 6, 2015

Our kitchen is one of my favorite rooms in our house. It’s big and white and perfect. The only problem is that there’s no island. Initially, I liked how open and welcoming the kitchen felt without an island blocking anything, but after living in it for almost a year, I really want the extra work surface and additional storage underneath. Out kitchen is also big enough to hold our dining table that usually holds 4 and can accommodate up to 8 easily, which I love. But I can’t have both a big workhorse island and a lovely dining table in the same space. So… What’s a girl to do?! We’ve been looking at islands and brainstorming sizes.

kitchen island inspiration

I love this white, chunky, “pull up a bar stool and hang out in the kitchen” look. Except I don’t want our family to eat at a bar, I want a place for Allen and I, and our future kiddos or couple friends, to have an easy place to sit and enjoy a casual dinner together without walking all the way down to the formal dining room.

kitchen island inspiration

White countertops, white backsplash, white cabinets and… BAM, a gorgeous chunk of butcher block. I love this look.

kitchen island inspiration

Not so much the colors in this one, but the open shelving. Gotta have a little place for cookbooks and stylish platters.

kitchen island inspiration

Are you sensing a theme? Love the white and butcher block combination on this one.

These island ideas get me all excited, now I just have to work in the dining surface somehow. Any suggestions?! :)