Every dog has his day…

May 25, 2010

Saturday was most definitely Birch’s day. A and I joined the Vizsla Club of Metro Atlanta [who knew there was such a thing?] for a fun filled day of hunting, learning and mostly playing at Buckeye’s Plantation. Those more experienced hunters were gracious enough to give us an introductory lesson on working your dog on birds. And work we did. Birch only wanted to play with the quails at first, tail in air and all, he then moved on to more the sophisticated “grab and run” method… Neither of which are proper hunting techniques.

If Birch were to become a real hunting dog, he would ideally sniff out the bird, being careful not to startle it, point it so the hunter knows he has found a bird, then flush the bird so it flies up and the hunter can shoot. If there were multiple birds, Birch would point until they had all been flushed and shot, and the hunter would signal him to retrieve the downed birds. Sounds crazy, huh?

To say that we enjoyed a day with some other viszlas would be a gross understatement. We spent the day with about 40 vizslas. In your face, on your lap, lick-you-all-over vizslas.

It was a great day. Luckily, neither Allen or I have much interest in becoming avid hunters. Though we do want our sweet bird dog to know what he’s bred for. I think he knows.

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