weekend in nc

May 23, 2010

Last weekend, A and I got to spend a long weekend in North Carolina to visit my family. We had a wonderful time… we ate [way too much] good food, we layed by the pool, saw a few old friends [Body by Doug, anyone?], I finally cleaned out my old room full of high-school-Whitney, and we taught our 7-month old pup, Birch, how to swim.

He eventually figured out that he is a water dog and a great swimmer.

About halfway through the weekend Allen noticed something a theme of the weekend… As I followed my Mom around and talked about gardening and homemaking (my new favorite topics) I was slowly collecting items, a bowl here, a pottery piece there… things that my mom happily gave away to her eldest daughter. After about 5 new items being packed up to bring home, Allen called me “sticky fingers” for the rest of the weekend.

We also drove down to Charlotte to celebrate my friend Izzy’s graduation from graduate school at Appalachian. These two ladies are a few of the most important people in my life. I am thankful every day for their friendship, their love, their wisdom, and their laughter.

Later gaters.

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