Curtis Men Love Concrete: Part I

June 8, 2010

The project started with “Why don’t we make the side of the garage a nice raised flower bed with pretty colors and and a few good smelling flowers.” The project is now out of my hands… “We have to change the grade of the hill, the water runoff is causing erosion, the fence and gate need to be level, we need to bury a huge pipe so the water can flow underground and dump out into the backyard.”

I’m sure you are familiar with this wonderful type of conversation….

Please excuse the craze of greenery that is currently our “Plant Hospital.” I can’t wait to show you the finished product!
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4 thoughts on “Curtis Men Love Concrete: Part I

  1. Eva


    My husband is Mark Richards. You know the name right?
    Well- every day of my life it’s like that! Everyday..

  2. shannon

    Hey Whit! I am so excited that you write a blog and now I am a new follower. I started mine in january and am addicted! Wow you are a gardening machine.
    Love you dear,


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