Happy Fourth of July!

July 4, 2010

Happy Fourth of July! What is everyone doing to celebrate? Hanging up an American flag? Cooking burgers and dogs on the grill? Relaxing by the pool? At my house, we paint our toenails in honor of the July 4th holiday. That’s right, our big toes become terrific illustrations of the American flag, and our smaller toes are assorted spots and stripes of Red, White and Blue. When my sister and I were little, we each claimed one of my Grandma’s feet and we furiously painted her tiny toes with Q-tips and toothpicks. This year my mom and sister included me in their patriotic nail painting. I look forward to my sister and I sharing this fun tradition with our daughters!

5 thoughts on “Happy Fourth of July!

  1. Father in Law

    Can’t wait to see the photo of Allen’s patriotic toenail paint job. You did get him to paint his, right?

  2. Eva

    Ahhh, Aunt Lesley painted Emma’s toe nails.
    Emma was so excited. She was showing everyone and telling them Aunt Lesley did that..


  3. Beverly

    Aha! Another secret family tradition revealed! Why are we just now learning of this? I plan to do the same as soon as I can kick my shoes off!

    Love it!

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