Curtis Men Love Concrete: Part III, The Finale

August 24, 2010

Well folks, it’s finally finished. We have a walkway and a set of stairs around the backyard! Thank you to my husband and father-in-law for their hard work, long hours, and all the jokes about “Whitney the Project Manager.” Along the way, I detailed the beginnings of this backyard project in Part I and Part II, and now for the finale.

My my, what a beautiful path we have!

Let’s reminisce for a moment, shall we? First, we are crazy. Good. Now that you know that, we can continue. We started with this:

They worked and worked and worked in the rain.

I know this is a weird view, I took this first photo from the top of the stairs. (This isn’t a true before picture, there were rickety, old stones for stairs, danger zone!) And the second photo is from the sunroom windows looking out over the stairs.

And voila! Now we have a beautiful walkway! This area goes from our driveway/garage area, around the side of the house to the shady backyard. Best of all, my husband and father-in-law built it with their bare hands. How neat is that?!

Before & After:

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5 thoughts on “Curtis Men Love Concrete: Part III, The Finale

  1. bebba

    The apple didn’t fall far from the tree. I remember a lovely cedar fence with a lattice top being built to keep a curious toddler confined. The bonus was being a gorgeous backdrop for a beautiful collection of flowers and the most fabulous playhouse in the land….

  2. C Curtis

    What a great father in law you must have to come over and do all that hard work for you. He must really love you.
    Signed: Father in Law

  3. Neel

    Whitney, I am so glad I found your blog! Congrats on all the fun stuff in your life and I cannot wait to keep up with it! I love blogs :). Glad you are doing well!


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