There’s A Fungus Among Us!

August 29, 2010

I’m just trying to grow some ajuga here, people! And there’s a fungus gettin’ in my way. Does anyone know what type of fungus is yellow, crumbly and grows barely beneath the surface? I bought four containers of aguja at Lowe’s a couple of months ago and they have all died! This last one was holding strong, growing great and now… fungus. I started these guys in containers hoping that they would flourish in the shady area and I could plant more for ground cover in the same area. One of three things has happened, my inexperienced green thumb has killed them, they were yucko when I bought them, or they don’t like the very shady area where they were planted. I hope it was the last two.


I am determined to grow some dang ajuga.
This is what it will look like next time around:

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2 thoughts on “There’s A Fungus Among Us!

  1. bebba

    Ajuga is tricky.. especially the variegated ajuga – at least that has been my experience. You may have a problem with your mulch. What you describe sounds like what is actually called “Dog barf fungus”. Dig it out of there – put it in a plastic bag and let the garbage men haul it to the dump.
    Have you over-watered these babies?

  2. thecurtiscasa

    Hi bebba! I may have overwatered my ajuga. It’s really shady and damp under the deck where it is, mom says the variegated is even more finicky than the regular. It’s so pretty though, I hope I can find a place it will be happy. I dug out all the fungus and threw it away, I’ll give it a while before I plant anything else in those planters. Though the boxwood and variegated vinca vine are very happy there! Ahh.. the joys of gardening. I like figuring out the plants’ personalities :)


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