Birch, the little graduate

September 18, 2010

Puppies are crazy. When Birch was about 4 months old we needed some help with the crazy, so we thought “training classes! this will solve all our problems!” It did not. Puppies are still crazy. BUT, it was a lot of fun! Birch was not the star student most of the time [except one weird night, he did everything I asked excellently!], he was more like the class-clown. We did a Puppy Training Class that was very helpful with sit, stay, come, and teaching Birch not to bite or chew [on my favorite pair of shoes]. Now, don’t get me wrong… Birch would still break a sit or stay very easily with little provocation. And that’s why we did Intermediate Training, of course! We were ready, Birch was a little older and a little wiser. And somehow Birch learned how to stay really well! Even with lots of distractions and people trying to coax him out. It was actually really neat. You know, the whole bonding thing. After a lot of practice, when I tell him to stay he will stay until I tell him otherwise. We learned how to heal [still working on that one], we learned to wait, [it’s so crazy! if we’re walking and I say “Wait” he stops in his tracks], and we learned “Go to your bed, Birch” and he goes and sits on his cute handmade-with-love bed [Thanks, Kim!]. It was really fun to figure out how to communicate with a four-legged furry animal. They want so badly to please you! And we met lots of furry friends along the way. All that to say that PetsMart is surprisingly helpful and knowledgeable if you need help with your crazy puppy. Ha!

Intermediate Training Class

Puppy Training Class

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2 thoughts on “Birch, the little graduate

  1. bebba

    SIT – STAY – HEEL are only one syllable words. It seems to me that Birch prefers a little more conversation. He’s adorable.


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