I’m on a Fern Kick…

September 6, 2010

So I’m on a fern kick. I’m finding myself fascinated with this pre-historic plant. Seriously, not many plants have been around since the dinosaurs. Do they look like they could survive those millions of years? No! They look delicate and fragile. If you step on them [Thanks, Birch] they flatten and die a horrible, pitiful death. Yet they’re still alive and well, apparently not so delicate or fragile. There are about 10,000 different species. Fascinating.

So, my fern kick started with my own bright green ferns in the front. The one on the right was small and wimpy, Allen and I were afraid it might not live. It was like Christmas morning when we realized that fern had decided to stay and grow.

Wait… I take that back. It really started when Mom came to visit back in the spring, right when the weather was starting to warm up. A few potted plants, each with a dark green fern and I was hooked. [Thanks, Mom!]

Then it moved to the front flower bed.

Then I watched these beautiful prints on eBay and counted down the hours ’til they could be mine.

Now, I am mentally willing these fern little babies to live. It took me a few days longer than I anticipated to get them in the ground and out of their containers. This one didn’t appreciate that very much. I’m sorry, little baby fern!

Lastly, I am loving new HGTV Design Star Emily Henderson and this room design. She placed a single fern frond in a large vase as a beautiful and simple pop of green.

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3 thoughts on “I’m on a Fern Kick…

  1. bebba

    Cinnamon fern, painted fern, Boston fern, the Kimberley fern from Australia…. I’m a fool for ferns too, but the botanical prints of the ferns are best of all…. no water, no wilt, no root divisions, no winter freeze — you’ll enjoy them year round.

  2. Sophie

    I have had an obsession with fern prints for a few years now. Love it when they are all hung together in simple frames. Such a cool look. I LOVE the ones you bought!


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