2011 calendar

September 28, 2010

I love calendars. I love writing in color coordinating colors and commemorating happy days with a smiley face or a heart. Last year, maybe in the craze of my brain that was our first year of marriage, I didn’t get my 2010 calendar until February. February! Can you believe that?? That’s two whole months of lost color coordination and underlining and exclamation points. [Don’t worry – I went back and wrote everything in, of course.] I couldn’t believe it, but I also apparently couldn’t find five minutes to go to Office Depot or Staples. Maybe I was really mourning the loss of my favorite calendar from Barnes & Noble and fearing the process of getting used to a new calendar. It was a particular weekly and monthly type that they’ve now discontinued, and boy it was great. It had a nice leather cover and had all the pages I needed. It even fit perfectly into my purse – any purse. Sigh. My 2010 calendar was so-so. Too big for my purse, too thin and flimsy. Meh.

But! As soon as I saw this cute Kate Spade calendar online, I knew we would be friends. I decided to fix my mistake from last year and buy my calendar 3 months in advance. Whew! Welcome to our life, Kate Spade calendar. I hope you can keep it together, and I hope you enjoy your year with us.

Click here to see the calendar!

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One thought on “2011 calendar

  1. Father in Law

    Calendars with coordinating colors and smiley faces? Being friends with your new calendar? I love my daugher in law, but I never had girls. So, there continues to be something new to learn every time she blogs.


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