Southern Living, Passing the Trowel

September 12, 2010

A few months ago, a good friend passed this Southern Living article along, saying that it reminded her of me. I was so happy to read it and feel a little tug on my heart-strings. My story doesn’t go exactly like this, but it’s similar enough to mean something to me. Here are my favorite quotes from the article.

And stay tuned for a fun [and funny] gardening project this week!

Passing the Trowel, Southern Living, March 2010, by Valerie Fraser Luesse

“Every year, she breaks out the seed catalogs about five minutes after the Christmas decorations come down. By March her dining room is a full-blown green house and she has Daddy digging holes for shrubbery and laying out beds for all the annuals she’ll plant in April.”

“Actually, I come from a long line of gardeners… It’s one of my greatest regrets that when I lived there and could’ve soaked up generations of plant knowledge, I wasn’t the least bit interested.”

“It wasn’t until I bought my first house in the suburbs that I realized what it felt like to have my very own yard–and how much I wanted to fill it with the flowers of my childhood.”

“To truly grasp the ways of the ‘Don Juan’ climbing rose, you need to spend some time in the company of experienced gardeners.”

“The more I garden, the more I associate the things I plant with the people who taught me to grow them. Every bloom in my garden connects me with memories of people I love. So my father-in-law has promised me some of his daylilies, and a dear neighbor is teaching me how to propagate hydrangeas.”

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