Inspiration: Ryan Gainey

October 2, 2010

Last weekend, I was lucky enough to tour Ryan Gainey’s famous garden as a part of the wonderful Decatur Garden Tour. His website describes him as an “internationally-known, madly passionate, stimulating, thought-provoking, exuberant, creative, romantic, whimsical, embracing …. mere words are inadequate to describe the force of nature that is Ryan Gainey. He is gardener, poet, raconteur, philosopher, mentor,  verbite, visionary, designer, and showman all in one.”

He’s pretty quirky, to say the least. [He wasn’t wearing this crazy outfit when I met him on Saturday.] But I’ll be darned, his garden is beautiful. I moseyed around as the sun was setting on Saturday night, hoping to absorb some knowledge by just being there. I had a brief encounter with Mr. Gainey when I first arrived and I so wish I had prepared a few words [or even considered the fact that I might run into him in his own garden]. It just caught me off guard and I wasn’t ready! I was startled to see him and embarrassingly a bit star-struck. No words except “Hi. Thank You. It’s a beautiful garden.” Dang-it. I was the youngest one there by about 20 years, I am sure. I wish I knew what he was thinking when he saw me, red-faced, young and inexperienced.

Oh well, it was a lovely garden and I thoroughly enjoyed my solitary tour…

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