a day on the farm

January 15, 2011

We loaded up our chaotic family of seven and two dogs to visit Aunt Betsy’s farm for a day just after Christmas. Our seven people and two dogs joined their four people and five dogs. Not to mention the chickens, horses and lamas. Oh what a day it was! I keep alluding to the idea that I would love to live on a little family farm someday, how exactly I’m not sure. But when I get to do it for just a day, that’s awesome too. Beware of photo overload here, this was an awesome day trip and we had to document it all.

The dogs! All seven dogs had a great time romping around outside. I’m pretty sure Birch was in heaven.

The chickens! I love the Chicken Coup. Byron built these lovelies a home the size of a child’s playhouse; which is not small. They each have a little nest area to lay their eggs, indoor-outdoor area, feeding area – basically a pretty posh lifestyle.

We gathered about nine eggs from these lovely ladies, and promptly went inside to whip up a spinach tomato frittata, along with a huge day-after-Christmas brunch. It was such a surreal feeling to walk out into the backyard to gather your breakfast.

The lamas! These furry creatures will always remind me of the fictional Push-Me-Pull-You from the original Dr. Dolittle, obviously the best one.

Image Credit: Movie still from Dr. Dolittle, 20th Century Fox, 1967.

This lama was particularly interested in my parents’ corgi, Nugget. We all kind of watched in slow motion as the lama leaned down to get closer. Lamas can apparently get aggressive sometimes, so we weren’t sure what to expect. Even Birch is like “Uh, Mom, is Uncle Nugget okay?!” They were fine, just sniffing each other.

Thanks for the great day on the farm!

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