holiday, oh holiday

January 2, 2011

…and the best one of the year! What a great Christmas! Allen and I enjoyed a great holiday break in North Carolina with my family. Lots of Mom and sister relaxing, movie-watching and painting nails time, lots of Christmas cheer, waking up Christmas morning with my Dad, Kim and my little 6-year-old bro Connor [Christmas is so magical when you’re that little!], Christmas day chaos with Mom, Lee, Anna, Jonny and Mason, sledding at Uncle Mark & Aunt Eva’s beautiful house and huge backyard, a day-after-Christmas brunch on Aunt Betsy’s farm with 7 dogs, lots of chickens, a few lamas [post on this trip coming soon!] – then, the fun [Mom & Anna] followed Allen and I back to Atlanta to help with a few projects around the house, go shopping, and generally continue the Christmas excitement. All in all, it was a great Christmas.

Now, I am thankful to have been with my family, to be rested and ready for 2011!

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