snow day, sew day

January 14, 2011

i must be off my rocker to not be experiencing the “cabin fever” that has taken over Atlanta during this snow storm. everyone’s got it. everyone’s complaining about it. me? i love it. bring it on, snow. a whole week off with no obligations, to hang out with my hub and puppy-dog, and get things done around the house. i must have the opposite of claustrophobia or something. well, this was the perfect time to wander downstairs to my lonely sewing machine. “hi, kenmore. i know i haven’t been around for a while, but…”

first, i accidentally made a pillowcase. it was just supposed to be a liner, so i didn’t measure it or anything but i ended up liking it, plain as it was. so i put some colorful buttons and tried to remember how to sew a buttonhole and voilà – a cute little pillow!

next, a placemat i had been thinking about for a while. i got the inspiration here from Darby’s Dish Mat tutorial. i sized it down a bit because mine is just for Birch’s food bowl area, so i cut the size almost in half and then followed her directions. it’s great! it has an old bath towel underneath to wipe up spills and provide thickness.


Do you like it, Birch?

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4 thoughts on “snow day, sew day

  1. bebba

    Glad to know that I’m not the only one to savor the snow days. My favorite task that keeps me from feeling guilty from just loving to watch the snowflakes fall is to wash the windows — killing two birds with one stone. Enjoy every creative moment.

  2. Claire

    Love the mat. When patrick and I get a vizsla… I will be returning to this post, and borrowing your sewing machine!


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