Bloggers Give Back: Fabric Choices from Tonic Living

May 10, 2011

If you’ve been following along the Bloggers Give Back project to transform the backyard garden of the George Herman House, you’ve seen The Beginning, The Mood Board, The Garden Sketch, The News about Frankie. All kinds of exciting things are happening, thanks to the hard work of Lindsay and her team of awesome Toronto bloggers. Last week, Lindsay received the outdoor furniture from IkeaCanada [click here to view their outdoor furniture] so they’re thinking about fabric choices from Tonic Living! Here are the pieces that will create the great outdoor space, along with the garden design from Frankie.
For my fabric choices from Tonic Living, I was feeling a very green & brown theme. I think I’m almost always feeling like green & brown. Anyway, I love this stripe for the cushions, and different combinations of the geometric, pattern and solid fabrics for pillows and accents. So fun! I really wish I could see it all come to life in the garden. But I guess that’s what the internet is for. Good luck to everyone doing the backyard cleanup next month!

Oh, I almost forgot! Tonic Living is giving all Bloggers Give Back readers 10% off on anything in the store, no minimum purchase required. Simply enter the code “BLOGGERS” at checkout. Expires December 2011.

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