Happy Weekend

May 14, 2011

Ryan Gainey’s Atlanta garden, 2010

It’s a busy weekend ahead! I’m volunteering for two big events in Atlanta, first up is the Decatur Garden Tour. I’m stationed at Ryan Gainey‘s famous garden, so we’ll hopefully get a private tour with him before our shift starts. Wouldn’t that be grand! Remember last year, when I could barely speak? Yeah. Here’s hoping that doesn’t happen again. Then I’ll be at Zoo Atlanta for their annual fundraiser, Beastly Feast. Maybe I’ll get to rub shoulders with some wildlife.

Here are just a few fun things & links I loved…

Oooo I love this bag. Isn’t it lovely? Whatever you got, Pippa, I’ll take.

We’re thinking about painting the exterior of our house – I played with this fun toy all day to try to choose a color! We have been thinking about this for a while, but our plan has been hurried since the tree incident.

Check out this awesome kickstarter project by some of our college friends. Congrats on reaching your fundraising goal, friends!

And finally, my love for Pinterest has skyrocketed the past few weeks. Check it out & follow me!

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