Inspiration: Ryan Gainey {Part I}

May 17, 2011

Hello y’all! First, let me warn you of photo-overload here. It was such a busy weekend, [and a fabulous time at the Decatur Garden Tour] I am enjoying lazily looking back on these photos [coffee in hand] of the lovely cottage garden of Ryan Gainey.

I did get to talk to Mr. Gainey this time and, shy as I am and quirky as he is, it was lovely! I bought a ‘Ryan Gainey hydrangea’ and he told me I should plant it in a pot. Yes, sir! [Except I had just the spot for it in the ground, so it’s going there instead. Oops!] Anyway, the garden is just incredible. Wandering paths lead you around half a dozen “rooms” each with its own character, either beautifully lined with strict boxwood hedges or relaxed with floppy hydrangeas and creeping, old-fashioned ivy. This garden is so inspirational, it is so hard to accept that it has taken him 20 years to create.

Now, for your garden-envy pleasure….

Isn’t it beautiful? I just can’t get enough. Part II coming later this week!
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