Mother’s Day 2011 ~ Gift Ideas

May 4, 2011

Mother’s Day 2011: Gift ideas in Blues & Greens – and rubies!

Oooh I’m a sucker for sweet, handmade pottery. Maybe it’s because I’m from North Carolina, where there are so many fabulous artists and potters. Pottery pieces adorn almost every surface in my house [I think I get that from my Mom]. And I love the “Postcardens” and would love to watch one grow! Mmm, those sparkly earrings… And the cutting board is similar to the one I got my Mom for Christmas, and I still love it. And garden-y things, of course… Growing basil in a recycled wine bottle sounds like fun and I’m still obsessed with finding cute herb markers, like mine.Mother's Day
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1. Arielle Studs – Gold with Rubies, $330, catbird 2. Turquoise Tumblr, $46.50, virginiawyoming on Etsy 3. Postcardens, $12.50, Uncommon Goods 4. Growbottle, $35, Uncommon Goods 5. Appalachian Wild Black Cherry Cutting Board, $58, Appalachian Joinery on Etsy 6. Turquoise and Lapis Drop Earrings, $340, Bounkit 7. Herb Markers, $28, via Curious Bird

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