Vizslas in Print

May 5, 2011

Okay, I know I talk about my sweet pup a lot on this blog – there is good reason! Vizslas are a kind of rare and wonderful breed. Birch is a crazy, energetic love-machine, yes, but he is also a strikingly beautiful dog. Everywhere we take him, [I don’t mean to brag, it’s the honest truth.] we hear people whispering “Oh, look at that dog.” and “What a beautiful color.” I am giddy when someone looks at him and says – “Vizsla!” If you could call a dog “dapper” – I totally would. Sometimes I imagine Birch hanging out with the likes of Don Draper, nose about all those cigars smells. Besides the fact that he acts like a puppy and moves like a puppy, he’s getting older and more regal every day.
This week, we spotted this page in the J.Crew magazine and immediately ripped it out and proudly displayed it on our fridge. [A actually threw it away, and I dug it out of the trash so I could post it on here :)] Vizslas are great candidates for appearing in magazines and ads because they are easily trained and provide a stylish touch to any page. Way to go, vizsla!
PS – My best friend and her husband will soon be adding one of these precious pups to their family!
J Crew

7 Up
Polo Ralph Lauren
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