Artwork for the Bedroom

June 6, 2011

My sister is a talented artist, with a talent and love for painting. As her older wiser sister, I have developed a knack for taking advantage of her talent. I have many a painting from Anna adorning the walls of our house, and we’re about to add one more. And this one is exciting not only because it’s huge and it’s for our upcoming bedroom makeover, but because we’ve been waiting for it for-ev-er! Just kidding. Kind of. “Blah, blah… I know you’re busy with college, Anna, but could you go ahead and take care of that massive painting for me, pretty please?” Yeah, I’m such a good sister.
Take a look at this beauty. It’s a custom-made frame, measured perfectly for the area over our bed. Isn’t it beautiful?! 

Thanks, seester! Love you bunches. Now if only that 1-inch thick paint would dry….
Since the canvas is so long and panoramic, Anna took a video to show me her progress as she changed the red mountains above to a little more green for the finished product.
Side note, Anna is headed across the pond this fall for a few months for an art program in Cortona, Italy. Wow. No big deal. Can I come?
Cortona, Italy
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3 thoughts on “Artwork for the Bedroom

  1. whitney

    Hi katie! you’re so sweet! I would be happy to send you her contact info, she does do custom work and she’s currently getting her etsy shop all set up. i know, doesn’t italy sound fabulous!? hope you’re doing well!

  2. Clare {C Squared W}

    Amazing! I had seen this painting on your blog on your photos of your gorgeous bedroom, but I didn’t realized your sister was the one who painted it.  She really is talented!  So, so cool! 


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