Creepy Crawlies :: Leaffooted Bug Nymph

June 20, 2011

Say, whaaaat? Who wants to think about creepy crawlies first thing in the morning? And what in the world is a Leaffooted Bug Nymph? Well, I walked out on the deck a few days ago to cut a sprig of rosemary… and I was greeted by these little fellas. Surprise! They are the creepiest, crawliest, tiniest bugs I have ever seen. They are the baby-stage of the Leaffooted Bug [which is apparently similar to a stink bug], and they appear in herds every once in a while as they hatch. Thanks, NCSU, for this diagram. I’ve found them on my boxwoods, on the windows, and in my herbs. If just looking at them didn’t make me so dang itchy, I might almost consider them cute. Almost.

Last year when I found these guys on my windows, I sprayed them with an organic pest control that seemed to do the trick. If you find them in your garden, wait a day or so, and they’ll most likely move along on their own. I haven’t seen mine stay in one place for more than a day. I keep waiting for an infestation of stink bugs, but I haven’t seen a single one.

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