Fourth of July DIY :: American Flag

July 3, 2011

Hi friends! So last summer, I saw a tiny wooden American flag on a great front door of one of my favorite houses in the neighborhood. It made me think of cookouts and watermelon and sticky little kids running through the sprinkler. This year, I saw a few at Michael’s and Hobby Lobby, but what was more fun was finding a few old pieces of wood and some red, white and blue spray paint in the garage.
Before & After:

1. First, I gathered a bunch of thin pieces of wood – all different thicknesses and textures – leftover from other projects.
2. Then, A cut them all the same length for me.
3. Easy, peasy… Spray paint! Red, white and blue stripes and stars and ta-da!
4. I drilled holes and strung some garden yarn through [oops, no pictures!] and hung it up on our bright green front door!

PS – Can you spot a little furry paw in one of these photos?


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