Happy Weekend

July 30, 2011

Happy Weekend, all! I hope everyone has something fun lined up for the weekend!

Rewind the month a little and take a look at these precious DIY Fourth of July bunting flags. I am definitely making these next year.

Stumped! I would love to try this stump project. I have some stumps, but they’ve been sitting outside, in the elements, for about a month. I wonder if they’ll ever dry out?

Who’s watching Project Runway this season? Ooo, it’s going to be good!

I’ve got a new blog crush, Danielle at Breakfast at Toast, [isn’t that a cute name?!]. You should check her out!

Have you heard that Atlanta is the 17th worst dressed city?! Say whaaa? They must not have been looking in the right places. We are a well-dressed city for sure.

Have a great weekend!
xo, Whitney

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