How To :: Help Those Little Vines Grow

July 12, 2011

For a while now, I’ve wanted to have a big ol’ flowering vine growing on our white mailbox, a very “white picket fence” picture in my head. When I told my Mom what I was thinking about, she suggested a something silly, like a tomato vine, which sounds like fun too {“Don’t mind me, just checking the mail and picking tomatoes!”} – We might try that one next time around. :) Anyway, I chose a tiny purple Clematis because I like the smaller petals and the deep purple color against the white mailbox. Here’s how I help these little vines grow up to the larger surface {fence, wall, mailbox, etc.} that they’ll eventually attach to.
1. Gather some garden string, scissors, a screw hook and a few old bricks. Tie a little loop on one end of the string.

2. Put the little screw hook somewhere inconspicuous on the back of your mailbox and attach the strings.

3. Tie the other end of the string to your brick, a rock or something else heavy. The first time I tried this project, I only wrapped the string around the brick once, and it unravelled pretty quickly in the wind and rain. This time, I wrapped it around three or four times. So far {a few weeks} it’s held up well.

4. Then I took my Clematis vine and wrapped is twisty leaves around the string to get it started growing up to the mailbox. Voila! We’ll see how long it takes to get to the top!

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