Nancy Brittelle Stationary

July 14, 2011

I’ve had this pack of beautiful cards with watercolor garden scenes for probably seven or eight years. Saving them for a special occasion, I’ve kept them on top of my stationary collection all these years – moving from home to college to my own home with my husband. With some old adage repeating in my head — Don’t wait for a special occasion – every day is special! (Isn’t there one that goes like that?) — I finally used the first one in March to write a note to a lady I’d met at the Davidson Horticultural Symposium. I started thinking that these cards are so beautiful and unique I should just frame them, if I’m not going to actually use them. So use them I will.

Artist Nancy Brittelle has an interesting story, she’s moved her artistic focus from these realistic watercolors to more modern art from made recycled materials. Either way, she’s a talented artist and based around my sweet, little hometown in North Carolina to boot!

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