Antique Store Nighstand, Idea #1

August 8, 2011

Look past the clutter and junk, to the two matching marble top, iron base peices. Yes, the ones with the floral appliqué. When my helpers were here… (I know, I know, we got a lot done that week!)… Anyway, Mom spotted these while I was at work, and when we all went to check them out later, I fell in love! I could see these beauties painted with a glossy finish in a dark taupe to make the frilly-ness of the florals drop into the background. We even talked about prying off those fleur-de-lis that are front and center. They are interesting and unique to say the least, the marble tops are beautiful and tough and the solid iron in an unusual setting (the bedroom) sounds so attractive to me.

Here’s a close-up of those florals, it looked like they had been added, they weren’t original on the piece. What a shame! I’d like to see what the original looked like without those. Anyway, we thought they might be a little too frilly for the man who will share this bedroom makeover. ;) We’ll see. I think if the base was all the same color, it would look like iron and the flowers would fade into the background.
We went back again with the bedroom lamps, to try out the size. These guys are also pretty tall, a few inches taller than my ideal 30 inch nightstand height. {Ooo, you get a sneak peak of our lamps!}
So, these are Choice #1 of three… Stick around to see what we chose!
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