Bedroom Details: Granite Nightstands

September 9, 2011

Since I’ve shown you our bedroom redecorating project, I want to show you the details on our fab little granite nighstands. When we started looking for something to put beside the bed, I was having trouble finding a piece that was just right. As a last {but hopeful} resort, I ended up taking a trip to our local granite man and I was so pleased to finally see it… The perfect piece of granite that could tie everything together. I knew that was it as soon as I saw it. And I was especially glad to see the 2cm selection, the 3cm {the thickness of a kitchen counter} was just too bulky and heavy for a light and sleek bedroom look. 
We knew we wanted the granite and needed to figure out how to mount it or attach it to the wall. We talked to our iron man in NC who could weld a bracket for us to bolt that thing to the wall. We got them in the mail a few weeks later, and painted them the same color as the walls, so they would blend in to the background- Benjamin Moore Natural Linen.

Here was our inspiration for the brackets… Brackets at my Grandma’s house under that fabulous raw wood shelf. Yes, I said Grandma. She’s a stylish one, isn’t she? {Love you, Grams!}

Before we placed our order, we carefully measured everything around our bedside – distance to the wall, size of the lamp, height off the floor, etc. to get the size just right.

A measured and leveled everything just right, added some 1″ x 1″ pieces of wood for the back of the piece to rest on, it’s pretty heavy though, so I’m not too worried. And we added some of those furniture “no slip” pads on the bracket to be sure it wouldn’t move.

We did get a little notch cut out of the back of the granite for the lamp cord to slip through. A nice little perk is that the bracket really helps hide the cord. So there it is. Isn’t she beautiful?! :) 

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