DIY: Country French Dresser

September 29, 2011

So here is my country french dresser, before. As I mentioned before, I used this dresser when I was younger and it’s been in our house for a while, just outside our bedroom serving as a little vignette. (And also and a ladder-hider.) Besides the iPhone photo, the dresser was still a little lonely and drab. So here’s how we spruced it up.

First, we sanded off the top layer of finish. A funny side note, we worked on this project the weekend that my sister left for Italy, so Mom’s inspiration was “I can sand the hell out of something while I’m worrying about my baby flying across the ocean.” It was pretty funny :) So off we went. Sand, sand, sand. We got the corners and edges pretty well, to convey that “worn” look.
Then we painted and rubbed in a layer of flat off-white-ish paint. We let it dry and sanded a bit more.
Then we took this lovely can of liming wax and layered it all over the white paint.

We did a few layers, and the dark finish started looking really good.

Here’s the contrast in each of the three steps. The liming wax is less like wood stain and more like shoe polish. You wax it on, and rub it clean with a dry, clean cloth until it’s not sticky anymore.

Here’s the detail on the handles. I just love them! They are too beautiful to replace, not to mention the unique size. Each drawer pull has screws that are different thicknesses, because each drawer is a different thickness. You know that means it’s old, because it’s inconvenient if you happen to lose a screw.

And finally, it was time to tackle the body of the piece.

And here’s a fun little bit of evidence that I used this dresser when I was little. That’s a sticker of Mrs. Potts from Beauty and the Beast. :)

So, we went from this…

To this… Hooray!

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