Furniture Manufacturer Stamps

September 23, 2011

I think there’s something so traditional and romantic about these furniture manufacturer stamps and brands. It’s something that Ikea and thrift store hunting cannot match. Maybe it’s because I’m from Hickory, NC where there are some of the best and oldest furniture manufacturers, {by the way, I was super pumped to see this spread on Hickory Chair in Lonny!!} or maybe it’s because I just like old things, old things with character.
I think it would be neat to start a collection of rubbings of these brands. Or some type of stamp? Or maybe just a collection of photos in black and white.

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2 thoughts on “Furniture Manufacturer Stamps

  1. Anait

    Ah I love manufacturer stamps too…I think I’ve watched too many antique shows where the stamp turns out to be the most valuable part of any give piece.


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