Master Bedroom Reveal

September 7, 2011

It is time, my friends! Time to show you our bedroom redecorating project. We didn’t do any major structural changes, just some simple updates: paint, light fixture, lamps, nightstands (oh, the nightstands.) and a beautiful painting that my sister painted just for us! Well, I’m embarrassed to even show you what our bedroom looked like for almost two years while we worked on other rooms in the house. Anyway, without further ado… The Before & After!

I. am. in. love. The beige and warm colors just make my heart happy. Let’s see that again! Before & After:

And now for a few details… The nightstands we chose are 2cm granite from my new friend Ed. He had the best selection and by far the best prices we found, and we checked far and wide – NC and GA! Ladies in Atlanta, if you ever need granite or granite remnants, let me know. I will get you the hookup with Ed.

Underneath these fabulous slabs of granite, are two brackets made by our friend Noah who sculpts all kinds of awesome things out of iron. {Did you notice the big “C” in the background of this picture and this picture? That is Noah’s handiwork as well!} Details on these nightstands + iron brackets coming later this week!

The lamps are Robert Abbey, from the sample sale. My sweet Mom & Lee went and got in line at 6:00am to get the good stuff before everyone else. And even that early, they were like #20 in line. Robert Abbey makes some killer lamps, and those sample sales are nothing to shake a stick at – there were some incredible deals. The ceiling fixture is also Robert Abbey, isn’t it lovely! It’s brass with two pieces of opaque glass that sort of resemble stained glass. (Please ignore that crazy 80’s popcorn-ish ceiling. :)

And finally, most importantly, look at that beautiful artwork! My sister is super talented, and I love the landscape she did here. There are some touches of orange in the green mountain landscape, so we picked that out for a pop of color in the pillows. {PS – I was glad to see Jenny’s post last week on Huge Artwork in the Bedroom, cause that’s what we’ve got now!}

Ta-da! So there it is. The finally finished master bedroom redecorating project that we tackled over the summer. I’m really happy with it :) We accomplished my goal of a warm, cozy and welcoming bedroom where we can rest & rejuvenate. What do you think?!

Paint color: Benjamin Moore, Natural Linen
Bed: Mitchell Gold Outlet
Bedding: Pottery Barn Grand Embroidered
Orange Pillows: Goods Home Furnishings
Lamps: Robert Abbey
Nightstands: Custom
Artwork: Custom

Copyright Whitney Curtis 2010-2013

7 thoughts on “Master Bedroom Reveal

  1. blue moss

    Its so lovely and warm. I love all your touches….and your sisters painting is perfect. Would love to redo my bedroom….but for now I will be happy if I get the bobbie pins done :)

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