Perennial Begonia

September 20, 2011

I don’t like saying goodbye to summer. Sure, I love the fall fashions and wearing scarves and smelling a bonfire, but I am a warm-weather girl, and I do mourn the loss of summer. But! Walking around in my garden this time of year, I am pleasantly surprised by the plants that enjoy the end of summer and the beginning of fall. One in particular.
I love perennial begonias {begonia grandis}. I dare say they are my favorite “flower” of all. Their tiny flowers are pretty, pink and petite, and their foliage deep green, strong and vibrant. They’re probably my favorite because they’re so unusual. I have never seen perennial begonias for sale at Lowe’s or Pike’s. I haven’t even seen them in other gardens. Except one little leaf in Ryan Gainey’s garden. {See that one lonely leaf in the second photo?}We transplanted mine from my mom’s garden, of course. 
Perennial begonias are just that… Perennial. They come back year after year, with little fuss. Their annual counterpart, regular ol’ begonias are great too {and I love them in my front flower bed} but the perennial version just captures me with its old-fashion feel.

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