September: Hummingbird Cake

September 21, 2011

Y’all, I think we’ve found a winner. We’re only in September, so there are three more cakes to try, but I’m pretty confidant this will be the tastiest of them all. I found this recipe in some of my handwritten recipe files, {even though it’s typed} and when I googled it I found that it’s apparently the most requested recipe from Southern Living. Well, if it’s so southern, I need to try it.
I started mixing the dry ingredients and the wet ingredients together, I noticed that this old recipe called for a freakin lot of vegetable oil. I wondered if it was even healthy so I merged that recipe with this one from MyRecipes. The cream cheese frosting is always delicious, and when I saw this photo from Ezra Pound Cake, I wanted to try the almonds around the edges instead of on top.
So, there you have it. Also, can you guess where I photographed this one? :) 

 {psst… I photographed this cake in my car and in the parking lot of my office! It was a birthday cake for a co-worker, so I improvised with the photo shoot.}

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2 thoughts on “September: Hummingbird Cake

  1. Anait

    Mmmmmm so glad I stumbled upon your blog…your photos have me drooling over the keyboard. As if I needed any more inspiration to go bake something sweet ;)


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