DIY: Ikea Rast Nighstands

October 18, 2011

We did a Rast! I told you last week that my friend Claire and her husband were going to be here over the weekend and we were going to tackle an Ikea Rast DIY. I have been wanting to try one for so long! We don’t have any space for one, but Claire and Patrick just bought their first house and are working on their bedroom… Perfect opportunity for a DIY. We got up on Saturday morning and turned this bland Ikea piece into a fabulous yet simple nightstandà la Little House Blog. Do you like the Anthropology pulls they chose? I’m glad they chose these, they’re my favorite!

You might have noticed that there’s a tiny sliver of exposed wood showing on that right side. That’s because we stained and painted everything before we put it together, so we didn’t realize that little area would be visible. Claire fixed it right up with a little more stain when they got them home.
PS – This picture was taken in the driveway where we did the project. I think if these had made it into my house, I wouldn’t have let Claire take them home. :) I’ll show some of the details later this week! Isn’t it gorgeous?

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