Happy Fall + DIY Paper Pumpkin

October 12, 2011

I hope you guys are off to a great week! I saw this pumpkin online over the weekend, so I wanted to try my own little pumpkin craft. Directions are below to make your own paper pumpkin! This would be really fun to do with kids or make a bunch of tiny ones and string up as garland.

1. Watercolor (or whatever medium you choose) a piece of paper, front and back.
2. Cut into strips – it doesn’t matter how many.
3. Arrange the strips in a star shape, with the ends stacked together. Staple.
4. Pull the other ends together leaving one strip out to attach the stem and leaf.
5. Attach with staple or glue and voila! (I used glue on the top so you couldn’t see it.)

And voila! A happy little pumpkin. Enjoy!
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