Happy Halloween // Pumpkins!

October 28, 2011

Happy Halloween! Well, we picked out the best pumpkins at the patch! And our pumpkin carving party was pretty hilarious. Allen was very careful and methodical about his carving, and I just kind of revved the drill and went for it. Pretty reflective of our personalities :) I can’t wait to have some trick-or-treaters on Monday! We’re going to have some friends over for dinner so we can all answer the door and enjoy the trick-or-treating together.

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3 thoughts on “Happy Halloween // Pumpkins!

  1. Veronica

    wow. i have never seen so many pumpkins! we don’t celebrate halloween in australia like you guys do. it is non existent really. i love your pumpkin carving/drilling. my son did see some pumpkins in the grocery store the other day for carving…but at almost $50 a pumpkin i moved on. i guess if it was popular here the prices wouldn’t be so high?! i don’t normally buy whole pumpkins so perhaps the price was right?! have fun and enjoy your weekend. xo.

  2. thecurtiscasa

    whoa, i can’t believe they’re so expensive in Australia! we got 3 pumpkins for $28. it’s very silly, but a fun holiday with all the dressing up and candy eating :)


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