Happy Weekend

October 21, 2011

Happy Weekend! I got a morning coffee at a Pop-up Starbucks a few weeks ago, it was so cute I had to snap a quick picture. Are you guys excited about Starbucks Blonde? Or do you think they’re abandoning their image? Personally, I don’t discriminate against any coffee and I can’t wait to try something a little lighter. Here are a few more fun things around the web.

Things Layla would tell her 17-year-old self. I would tell myself a few of the same.

I’m in love with these painted cushions.

Here’s a lovely container garden watercolor.

Super cute orange orb earrings from South Holston Vintage. {This cute shop is a friend of mine, check it out!}

Treat yo self. (Parks & Rec, anyone? Hehe:)

A fun campaign style Lack Hack. {I just like saying Lack Hack.}

Have a lovely weekend, all!
xo Whitney

PS – Don’t forget to check out my guest post on Chevrons & Eclairs and let me know what you think!

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