Home Tour: Outdoor Spaces, The Deck

October 5, 2011

Hello there! This week, to celebrate two years in our Curtis Casa, I’m sharing a tour of our little house just north of the big city, Atlanta. I hope you enjoy!

Next up, the deck that’s right out from the sunroom. When the weather is nice we like to eat dinner out here, like we did when my sister left for Italy. It’s a nice and shady spot, though that means a leaf or two might fall on you as you eat.

This is also the spot where I keep my tiny herb garden. After months of producing, these plants are tired! My fabulous adventure in growing Basil from seed was really fun, and I have been pleasantly surprised to see these plants continue to thrive. You can see that I tried to propagate a few coleus branches, they lived but they didn’t grow much. So there’s our outdoor space #2… the shady deck.

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