Home Tour: The Family Room

October 6, 2011

Hello there! This week, to celebrate two years in our Curtis Casa, I’m sharing a tour of our little house just north of the big city, Atlanta. I hope you enjoy!

Today I’m showing you a room in our house that we spend a significant amount of time in, the family room. We have transitioned many times from the tv-watching room being in this room, to the basement, and back again. We’re now in this family room for good – hopefully. We added the loveseat to this room setup early in the summer and we have really enjoyed the extra seating and the coziness of the room. That was my biggest desire for this room, cozy. We’re still working on the television situation. We’ve considered it all… mounting it on the wall, two different entertainment sets, dreaming about built-ins, and now this unobtrusive glass table. I love it, but the only problem is the electrical cords! Do you have any ideas for how to hide these cords?! We are open to ideas :)

This etagere is one of my all time favorite pieces. Bronze + black + pretty shelves = A beautiful way to divide our open floor plan family room from our dining room.

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5 thoughts on “Home Tour: The Family Room

  1. Anait

    I love what you’ve done with that space…it really DOES look cozy. And I love, love, love fireplaces with big mirrors on the mantle! Happy two years :)

    p.s. Thank you so much for your sweet comment on my birthday post! But, alas, I’m not in Paris just yet….I hope to be, someday :) I’m currently in Chicago

  2. Jen @ RamblingRenovators

    Love your brass etagere! It works so beautifully with the black! Thanks for commenting on my post ;)

    I can sympathize with your cord situation. They always manage to ruin the look! There are plastic cord covers or channels you can purchase and affix to the wall. Paint them the same as the wall and they disappear.


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