Home Tour: The Kitchen

October 4, 2011

Hello there! This week, to celebrate two years in our Curtis Casa, I’m sharing a tour of our little house just north of the big city, Atlanta. I hope you enjoy!

Today I’m sharing our cozy kitchen! We spend a lot of time in this kitchen, and I have really grown to love it. It’s small, and if you put two people, one dog and one kitten in there, it gets pretty tight. Another fun pastime is to open the oven, the dishwasher, and the fridge all at the same time and see if you can move. Ha! But I do love this room – we’ve made some great food and some great memories standing at these counters.

Cookbooks! I have a few staples and a few rotating cookbooks that sit atop this cute little shelf. That’s the sunroom through there to the left. Can’t you tell by all the windows?

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5 thoughts on “Home Tour: The Kitchen

  1. Tamsyn

    I really love your kitchen. It has a great feel to it, I always think of the kitchen as the heart of the home. It looks like you have a great collection of cookbooks too!


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