Home Tour: The Little C

October 7, 2011

Hello there! This week, to celebrate two years in our Curtis Casa, I’m sharing a tour of our little house just north of the big city, Atlanta. I hope you enjoy!
I couldn’t do a tour of our house and not include this funny piece of art. If you have a sharp eye, you might have wondered what it was in the background of this photo and this photo. Well, it’s The Little C. It’s almost five feet tall and it is the smaller of two Cs we had made for our wedding. The same guy who made the brackets for our nightstands fashioned these things out of a giant piece of iron and a laser cutter. The Big C is being held captive in North Carolina! Kidding. Actually, it’s 10 feet tall and too big to put it in a truck – we can’t figure out how to get it here without a uhaul or a trailer. Don’t worry, we’ll get it here eventually. For now we have The Little C behind the breakfast bar as you walk into the sunroom. I just love you, Little C.

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