Home Tour: The Sunroom

October 3, 2011

Hello there! This week, to celebrate two years in our Curtis Casa, I’m sharing a tour of our little house just north of the big city, Atlanta. I hope you enjoy!

To kick off our Home Tour, I thought I’d share my favorite room in the house first… The sunroom. This is a funny room. The windows literally surround you on all sides, which makes for a pretty chilly room in the wintertime. I have my desk here, and I go through phases for whether or not I actually use it. I do love the view though. Do you see all those trees? These windows look down on our sweet, shady backyard, which I’ll show you later.

In the sunroom we have this awesome green couch which I’m pretty sure is the most comfortable couch known to man. Another plus, this couch has survived a lot of wear and tear over the years… My sister and I when we were around 6 and 10 years old {there are drawings of hears and swirls to prove it}, my uncle and his dog, Webster, then a storage unit for a few years, and now our little family of two, plus Birch + Iris.

We do have a lot of hand-me-down furniture, and one of my favorite items is this needlepoint pillow. I love the old & traditional paired with the zebra print for a little mix of modern.

On my desk I keep my computer, stacks of shelter mags and books I’m reading or hoping to read. Margaret Roach’s book is there now. I also have this little stationary area to remind me to write thank you notes and sending little notes to friends.

The view from this room looks like we live in a treehouse! In the winter when all the leaves fall, these trees are pretty barren and sad. But most of the time they are green and vibrant, a great view!

And there’s the Birch-man himself. I should really call this Birch’s room – the top of that chair is his favorite place. I think he likes to look out the window onto his domain. He thinks he’s pretty big stuff.

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7 thoughts on “Home Tour: The Sunroom

  1. Anonymous

    I love all the shades of green and the effect of the sunlight and shadow. Perfect with a good book and a cup of coffee. Very cozy!!

  2. Anait

    oh wow…..what a GORGEOUS room. If I were you, I would spend every morning in there with a cup of coffee..soaking in some peace and quiet before the day starts. Such a lovely place, you did a great job decorating!


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