Ikea Rast Hack :: Details

October 26, 2011

I showed you the Ikea Rast Hack that my best friend and I (and our husbands!) did a couple of weekends ago. There are endless photos and how-to’s swirling around on the Ikea Rast, but I just wanted to share a few along the way pics! It’s super easy, ya’ll. We were really surprised how little time it took. (But there’s a large possibility we were just chatting away and didn’t even notice the time:) Here’s what we did.
1. Stain all the wood that will show around the exterior. (1 coat of stain + 3 coats of poly)
2. Prime and paint the drawer fronts {2 coats}
3. Install pulls (anthro)
4. Put that baby together! I think this is the most precious picture of teamwork :)

And voila!

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