It’s Time for Bulbs!

October 17, 2011

I hope everybody had a great weekend! We definitely did, time with good friends, good food, a fun diy project with my bff (which I will show you this week!), and I even squeezed in the beginnings of two more projects! Anyway, I’ve got fall on my mind this morning so it’s time to bust out the bulbs! With the colder weather coming in, it’s almost time to say goodbye to the garden for a few months. But even the cold weather brings something productive… bulbs! The bulbs will manage do their thing in the freezing cold soil and be ready to burst out of the ground at the first feel of spring and warm sunlight. I will hopefully have a big band of daffodils in my backyard along the fence and some irises along the path.

I’m definitely going to try paperwhites again this year, and I think I’ll try some hyacinth too. Hopefully I’ll do better “stunting” their growth. They didn’t stunt too well last year, because I didn’t give enough alcohol! Here are some pretty bulbs to get your Monday started off right.

via Skonahem 

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5 thoughts on “It’s Time for Bulbs!

  1. jillian m.

    These are absolutely beautiful. I wish I could keep plants, but I just do NOT have that green thumb. Upkeep is my downfall.

    p.s. No one has ever told me I look like Alicia Keys, haha! That’s a new one. Thank you for the sweet compliment!


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