Happy Weekend

November 18, 2011

Happy Weekend, friends! What does everyone have planned? Something fun, I hope. We are headed to visit some dear friends. Plus, we get to watch our little Paladins play the big time Gators!

So remember back in the summer when I planted these succulents? I still have them sitting in my window sill at work, and they always make me smile. One side is leaning way toward the window for the sunlight, it’s pretty cut. Here are a few fun things from around the web to start your weekend..

I’m loving these prints. I’m a sucker for animals + flowers.

Thinking about pie tools.

Mmm, I would love to make this.

An interesting, garden-y tumblr.

Jaime always has the best finds. And I’m a big fan of her store, the one and only Furbish.

More pie inspiration from Ms. Pink + Blue.

Have a great one!
xo Whitney
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2 thoughts on “Happy Weekend

  1. Sally

    oh yes i do love your new design! id been reading you on my phone (glad you got your iphone back:) so i was only getting the content, not the background and i love it!


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