Happy Weekend

November 5, 2011

Happy Weekend! What does everybody have planned for this weekend? We’ve got some projects to work on around the house and some more pumpkin spice muffins to make! Here are few fun things from around the web.

These airplane window paintings are so interesting. {Thanks Amelia! My friends post the most interesting things in their gmail statuses.}

Awesome fishscale diy wallpaper on Babble.

New favorite reads: Brunch at SaksHogger & Co. & Parker, Etc.

Velocity has some really fun items.

Fabrics galore!

One last thing…Attention Atlanta bloggers! A group of us is thinking about putting together a little blogger meet-up in Atlanta in a few weeks. Let me know if you’re interested and we’ll get you the info.

PS – Alissa from 33 Shades of Green was our lucky winner of the South Holston Vintage Giveaway! Thanks for playing! Congrats Alissa!

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