Pies + Tarts

November 17, 2011

After almost a whole year of baking a Cake a Month, I’ve been thinking about what I can make next year each month. All the pretty photos of fall themed pies and tarts have me wishing for a few pie making tools for Christmas! These pies look divine, I hope mine will look half as good. Judging by the way the cakes went, the first one will be awful and they’ll slowly improve. But hey, that’s what this little project was for! I have learned so much about baking in one year. Can you imagine if you spread those cake making experiences over birthdays and holidays, it would take years and I would, of course, forget any important details in between each cake.
Anyway, on to pies, my friends! Homemade crust, lattice tops, braided edges and all. 2012 will be The Year of the Pie. {Plus a few tarts and galettes!}

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5 thoughts on “Pies + Tarts

  1. Supal

    Thanks for including mine with the power pie team! I think your first cake was adorable. I would have eaten it. And I can’t wait to see your pies! I have this dessert recipe from Europe with some pie decorating ideas. I’m going to scan and send them!


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