Thanksgiving Preparations

November 23, 2011

Happy Wednesday! Is everyone ready for Thanksgiving festivities? Prepping, chopping, baking and taste testing, right? We are visiting my family in North Carolina – isn’t it so good to head home and slow down for a few days? I am really excited to learn how to cook the turkey, again. I think I learn how every year and I always forget by the next year! I’ll have to get better at that eventually.
For our Thanksgiving table, the tablecloth and silverware are set. I’m pretty sure my mom is the queen of dinner parties, so I will definitely share our real life table, but for now, here are my favorite inspirations for Turkey Day!
I love these goblets. I actually got some similar ones on a Fab sale recently. I can’t wait to use them at my own Thanksgiving table someday.
I love this pot from WS and the detail on the top. It’s so pretty you can cook in it and serve from it, and not worry about presentation.
Lastly, this owl plate is kind of crazy and I kind of love it. You could set it up with a dark charger underneath and colorful salad plates.

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