Hog Hill Pottery

December 1, 2011

Hog Hill Pottery is a lovely little pottery studio in North Carolina that my family has frequented for years. John and Scottie are the nicest couple and allowed me take a few photos for the blog. Isn’t their workspace neat? They create such beautiful, colorful pieces. Hog Hill is particularly special to us because of a Christmas tradition my Mom started. She’s gotten crosses made by Scottie every Christmas as a gift for her friends – to go with a bottle of wine, of course! It’s been going for so long that her friends have collections of almost a dozen crosses. I’ve started a collection too, and it’s fun to see the Scottie’s creativity every year in a new way. 

John also makes these humble angels every year. It’s fun to see a finished product and all the parts in process. We purchased a couple of Christmas presents, including a set of teal coffee mugs for us!

Overall, it was a lovely visit. We even got a taste of snap peas fresh from John’s garden on the way out! Take a look at their website and remember them if you need a special piece or unique gift idea!

PS – Hog Hill was also a special part of our wedding, a little over two years ago – I will share some of that later!
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