Holiday Gift Guide: Your Stylish Mom

December 15, 2011

If you’re anything like me, buying a gift for your mom is the hardest gift of all. It has to say “Thanks for all you’ve done for me, Mom” and not “You’re getting old, here’s some eye cream and pajamas” – though we do love to give and receive stylish pj’s in our family. Plus, she’s the one who has always guided on you what looks good or what you’re not allowed to leave the house wearing. She’s helped you style your house, wardrobe and most everything else. Now you have to buy her something as cool as she is. So, here are my picks for a fashionista mom
These speckled earrings are obviously lavish, but they’re so wonderful there’s got to be a knock-off out there somewhere. The lavender scarf and blue clutch would be great for a mom who’s sweet on color in her closet. And the french press and tea towel would be lovely for a foodie-mom, while the botanical calendar and herb collection calls for a gardener-mom.
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